Ever since I was a child, I always had a fascination for building and creating things with technology. I was an only child, so I had a lot of time on my hands to build and create things. My sophomore year in high school I built my first computer. So, one could say, by definition, I am a nerd! I have always enjoyed the way certain designed media can flow and spark your interest just by looking at it. That joy and passion for design from early on has followed me through out my life and has continued to impact me as an individual. Speaking and communicating a message has power but conveying a message with visuals, now that, has impact.
I began furthering my interest in graphic design in high school taking classes catering to graphic design and web design. It all came easily for me. I enjoyed staying up late and spending countless hours on Photoshop to create the art I wanted to make. So, I began doing research on colleges to further my education as a graphic artist and came across Full Sail University. I knew that was the school for me when I saw the class structure and degree programs offered. With the bachelor’s degree of Digital Arts & Design that I will receive along with the long hours of work, meeting deadlines, solving problems, and skills learned, I have been able to start putting together my best work for my portfolio. 
I had the opportunity to work for a small design and marketing agency in Washington State. I was the design team lead on the floor and managed a handful of employees. It was here where I really got to put my skills to the test. I developed numerous re brands for businesses and built a lot of marketing & advertising pieces for companies on social media. I constructed and reconstructed websites as well. The joy that I get out of life today is being able to work with other designers to create effective designs for clients.  I love being able to help clients come up with ideas to capture their imagination and their target audience.
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