Logo Design & Banner: I kicked off the project by crafting a captivating and brand-defining logo for Salty_Peachz. The logo encapsulates her persona, channel theme, and gaming spirit in a visual emblem that stands out both on and off the platform. To set the stage for her content, I designed a visually stunning Twitch banner that greets viewers with style and flair.
Panels: Crafting a cohesive visual experience, I designed custom panels that provide vital information about Salty_Peachz's channel, including her schedule, social media links, and more. These panels not only enhance the aesthetics but also improve viewer engagement.
Emotes: Emotes are the heart and soul of any Twitch channel. JK Motion Designers took great care in creating a collection of expressive emotes that add an extra layer of interactivity to Salty_Peachz's streams. These emotes allow her community to engage, react, and share their enthusiasm in a fun and personalized way.
Starting Scene: The starting scene is the gateway to Salty_Peachz's gaming world. Our team designed an eye-catching and immersive starting scene that sets the stage for her streams, building anticipation and excitement among viewers from the very beginning.
BRB Scene: When Salty_Peachz takes a brief break from her stream, her audience is treated to a captivating BRB (Be Right Back) scene. This scene maintains the channel's visual identity, ensuring that even during downtime, the viewer experience remains engaging.
Ending Scene: As streams conclude, the ending scene wraps up the show in style. Our designers created an unforgettable ending scene that leaves a lasting impression on viewers and reinforces Salty_Peachz's brand.
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